Whose religion is best?

A protestant minister, a Catholic Priest, and a Rabbi were in a coffee shop arguing about whose religion is best. After hours of arguing, they agree to go into the woods and convert a bear. They would meet up in next week to see who won.

THe next week, the Priest comes in to the coffee shop with his arm in a sling and sees the minister drinking coffee with a cast on his leg. The minister sees him and asks if he converted his bear.

“Yes” said the priest, “though it was tough. I wrestled the bear for hours and that’s how I got this, ” he points to the sling, “but eventually, I pushed it into a river and baptized it, then it became docile as a lamb, its coming to Mass on Sunday.”

The Minister said “I have a similar story, I found a bear eating a honeycomb, so I grabbed the honeycomb and ran to the nearest pond. The bear caught up to me and I had to wrestle him into the pond, not before he gave me this though,” he pointed to his leg, “anyway, once I got it into the water and baptized it, it became docile as a lamb. Its coming to Congregation this Sunday.”

At that moment the Rabbi is wheeled in with a full body cast. The Priest and the Minister both get up and asked him what happened.

The Rabbi relied, “Well, I probably shouldn’t have started with a circumcision.”

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