When did Johnny wake up?

Kindergarten Teacher: OK class. If you went to sleep in 1970 what year did you wake up?

Kid 1: 1970.

Teacher: OK anyone else have an answer?

Kid 2: This year – 2017.

Teacher: Why do you say that?

Kid 2: Because the bed was called a 1970 cause that was when it was made.

Kid 3: Because you pooped yourself and it took them until 2017 to remove the stain

Teacher: Where do you get these answers…?

Author: Catt

Hi I'm Lia (Or Catt) I am 10 years old I play Roblox but spend alot of time on here not exactly alot now but I play Roblox, the sims 4, baldis basics, and other games i cant remember! Also I love fanfictions and stuff like that! Favorite anime is Durarara Hair is red Eyes are brown and blue (i have heterochromia) I bite my nails My hair is braided alot I love art! Favorite color is purple Favorite food is soup Favorite activity just being upsidedown youtubers i watch: Kyutie, Laurenzside, Denis, Supermariologan, Jacey Chase, Chloegames, Hanako playz, and vSnyrax. Favorite 3 songs: Pretty little psycho Hello kitty Let's be friends Singers or bands I listen to are Porcelain black Owl City Blackpink Panic! At the disco Melanie Martinez Bye! have a great day

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