Two hunters are walking through the woods when they come across a large hole.

It’s so deep that they can’t see the bottom. One hunter goes looking for something to throw down the hole hoping to see how deep it is.

He finds a rusty old anvil near by and throws it down the hole. The hole is so deep they never hear it hit the bottom.

Suddenly, they hear speeding hooves behind them and a goat goes flying past them and jumps right into the hole.

A few seconds later, they hear a farmer calling out for his goat. “Betsy! Betsy!”

He sees the two hunters and asks if they had seen his goat Betsy.”Yeah”, they say, “She ran right passed us at like 80 miles and hour and jumped right into this hole!”

“That’s impossible, the man says, “I had her chained to an anvil! ”

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