Stairway to Heaven.

Three women, a redhead, a brunette and a blonde die on the same day and are sent to Hell.

Upon reaching the abysmal realm, the three women meet up with none other than Satan himself.

“I am willing to be a good sport and give you a shot at redemption.” says the devil. “I present to you three stairways, all leading up to Heaven. But there’s a catch. For every step you take, I shall tell a joke. Each step you take will lead to a funnier and funnier joke, and if you laugh, your souls shall be banished to Hell forever.”

The three women looked at one another and nodded in agreement.

The redhead went first, and upon taking her 10th step, she snickered and her soul was forfeit. The brunette went next, finally cracking up once she took her 50th step.

The blonde was up next, and managed to get right before the last step into Heaven. Satan was busy with his last joke yet before he could finish it, the blonde split her sides laughing.

The devil looked on in confusion and said; “I didn’t even finish my joke, what gives?!”

To which the blonde replied; “I just understood the first joke!”

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