Jenny just got out of the shower, and was wearing just a towel, when the doorbell rang

She answered the door, and it was their neighbor, Ted. Ted says, “Oh my god Jenny, you look so sexy, in nothing but that towel.”

She appreciates the compliment, but feels a bit uneasy, when Ted continues, “I’ll tell you what – I’ll give you $500 cash right now to drop that towel and show me your body.”

Jenny is shocked, but her family really needs the money. So she drops the towel, and does a slow, coy turn, so that Ted can get a complete eyeful. Ted, true to his word, hands her 5 $100 bills, gives her a big smile, and leaves.

Jenny closes the door and gathers up her towel, when her husband yells out from upstairs, “Honey, was that Ted from next door? He was supposed to bring over the 500 bucks he owes me.”

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