A Nazi walks into a bar

He goes up to the bartender and looks around seeing an older Jewish man sitting in a corner. He turns to the bartender and announces loudly: “A round of beer for everyone except that Jew over there!”

The Nazi turns to the Jew smiling nastily and is surprised to see him smiling warmly back. Somewhat miffed the Nazi turns back to the bartender and says “A round of your sweetest wine for everyone here except that Jew!”

Once again while everyone is cheering he turns back to the Jew grinning evilly but is shocked to see the Jew still smiling warmly and even inclined his head in the Nazi’s direction.

The Nazi turns to bartender and says as loud as he could through gritted teeth “A bottle of your most expensive drink for everyone in this bar except for that Jew”.

The Nazi satisfied turns around chuckling to himself and freezes gobsmacked seeing the Jew smiling broadly at him and waving.

Furiously the Nazi turns back to the bartender and says “What the hell is wrong with that Jew? Is he crazy or just plain stupid?”

The bartender replies “Neither. He’s the owner of the bar.”

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