A man walks into a bar in Vegas.

A man walks into a bar in Vegas.

He has a parrot with him. This parrot is wholly remarkable; it is fluent in Spanish, French and English. So, being a betting man- they’re all betting men down in Vegas -he goes up to the bartender and tells him, “I’ll bet you this here bird can speak Spanish.”

The bartender knows this type, and slams his hand down on the counter with a $10 bill. “You’re on! Let’s see it.”

So the man turned to the bird and asks, “Hablas Espanol?”

The bird is silent as a stone.

“Well, watch this, then, he can speak French too. Parlez-vous Francais?”

The parrot remains silent. The man is sweating through his jacket, and the bartender is chuckling derisively. “Hand over the cash, sir, and have a nice night.”

As he walks dejectedly out of the bar, the man turns to the parrot. “You jerk!”, he cries. “You cost me ten bucks!”

The parrot, taken aback, ruffles his feathers arrogantly. “Cost you? Buddy, I just made you a fortune! Think of the odds you can get there tomorrow!”

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